if its cold just reheat it

Christian Nauck and some of his friends have this awesome sketch blog where they have a daily theme. this time it was "carnivorous plant" and i couldnt help but wanting to join in on the fun.

and while drawing, Weird Al Yankovic's "Eat It" suddenly came to mind and stuck.


not dead

i should be more relaxed when it comes to drawing. :C but i am not, always pressuring myself and then i end up not wanting to draw at all. aaah, but i want to start again ;_;


ganz vergessen

Bernard Marx, before I realized what a whiny wanker he is. (Like, after 25pages in, lol)

plus initial sketch, lol


the hell

I... yeah.

(Ne Vorzeichnung für den Typen wär vielleicht nicht verkehrt gewesen. So ein Kuddelmuddel, aber hamma wieder wat jelernt, was!)


It's been a while

Somehow, I hardly find time for drawing and when I do have time, I'd rather do something else - like read Thud! or... I don't know, watch movies.
Anyways! Sketcheeeessss.

I still don't know if I manage to draw females finally or if they still look like transvestites? Also, I do not want to draw the same woman over and over again, I really really want to be able to draw all kinds of women :/ like with men. Aaaah it's a long way to the top.

And something else entirely. Maybe.


Och Menno.

Dit jefallt ma nich :C hab aber keine Lust mehr, dran was zu machen. Möchte jemand übernehmen? :D

Same old same old, ich werd auch immer langweiliger XD