take me back to 505

Lazzzzzzzzzzzzzy oekaki/pchat doodles


And one unlucky Stig Q_Q

Young Caramon/Raistlin °v° shitty sketch is shitty



can it be? i'm actually updating, i am just as amazed about this...

uh, ok. after reading the latest DL book i wanted to draw raistlin badly. so i kinda... tried and messed up xD as you can see here:

then i waded through DA and found that everybody kinda always depicted him from the front HOW BORING IS THAT. then i really gave up on that stupid drawing. instead, i started an oekaki which was lost (damn internet eating my oe ;_;) with a great great motive, got angry and said "fuck it, i'm gonna make a whole picture out of it. pffffrrt"

Caramon, stop frowning <3

Und hier noch was lustiges zum Schluß.