I always update in the middle of the night...

Roughs for a test page xD poor Guy... not very satisfied...

Remy design! °v°



Actually, I just wanted to post this little cute .gif
The cat goes all :"HAPS! ò_ó"


Toll, wa?

Stuff from last year Nov/early Dec. and from the new year, bunt gemischt.


Achja Watchmen

Except for the Loki-sketch, all of these were drawn in pchat. °-° Mh, I spend too much time doodling xD and don't cap most of the BS there, so I don't have much to show. Nya. But better than nothing- What a way to start the new year (Did you guys have a great NY party :D?)

And something very old, I don't know if I ever posted that one? From August '09