It's been a while

Somehow, I hardly find time for drawing and when I do have time, I'd rather do something else - like read Thud! or... I don't know, watch movies.
Anyways! Sketcheeeessss.

I still don't know if I manage to draw females finally or if they still look like transvestites? Also, I do not want to draw the same woman over and over again, I really really want to be able to draw all kinds of women :/ like with men. Aaaah it's a long way to the top.

And something else entirely. Maybe.

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Parya hat gesagt…

die frauen sehen aus wie frauen, definitiv! und gut sehen sie aus! und das nächste mal setzt du dich einfach in ne cafeteria und zeichnest nur die frauen- und zwar die skurrilsten... damit du noch mehr varianten draufhast :D